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     We specialize in Fire, EMS, and Police casual & novelty garments. Part of this specialty relies on a working knowledge of the Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement services and their apparatus and equipment. Have you ever had to explain the difference between a Hurst tool and an Amkus tool to a shirt printer who didn't know? Can they tell the difference between a Hahn and a Seagrave Engine? How about a Berretta versus a Glock or a Crown Vic versus a Caprice Cruiser?

     Yes, there are alot of companies out there that will tell you they know the Fire/ EMS and Law Enforcement services, but ask them about their staff. is owned and operated by First Impressions Screen Printing & Embroidery. Our combined staff is a group of Fire and EMS workers with a total of over 75 years experience in the Fire/EMS Service and over 21 years in the Screen printing industry. Over the years, our staff has also worked closely with Law Enforcement personnel to develop a good knowledge base and artwork database of Law Enforcement badges, logos, equipment and vehicles.

     This experience, combined with considerable talent, has made our company a leader in the Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement casual wear market. So, if you are in need of custom T-Shirts or other printed apparell, feel free to contact us.

    If you're looking for something more specialized for your organization, contact us, we do custom work too!
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